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latTIce公司的MachXO3LF-9400C是支持大多数先进可编程桥接和IO扩展的超低密度PLD系列,密度范围从640查找表(LUT)到9400 LUT.此外,低成本可编逻辑器件具有嵌入区块RAM(EBR),分布式RAM,锁相环(PLL),支持用户闪存(UFM)。采用65nm非易失低功耗工艺,特别适合用在低成本量大的系统应用如消费类电子,计算与存储,无线通信,工业控制系统和汽车系统。本文介绍了MachXO3LF-9400C主要特性和结构图,以及MachXO3-9400™开发板主要特性,框图,电路图和材料清单。

pk10开户注册MachXO3TM device family is an Ultra-Low Density family that supports the most advanced programmable bridging and IO expansion. It has the breakthrough IO density and the lowest cost per IO. The device IO features have the integrated support for latest industry standard IO. The MachXO3L/LF family of low power, instant-on, non-volaTIle PLDs has five devices with densiTIes ranging from 640 to 9400 Look-Up Tables (LUTs)。 In addiTIon to LUT-based, low-cost programmable logic these devices feature Embedded Block RAM (EBR), Distributed RAM, Phase Locked Loops (PLLs), pre-engineered source synchronous I/O support, advanced configuration support including dual-boot capability and hardened versions of commonly used functions such as SPI controller, I2C controller and timer/counter. MachXO3LF devices also support User Flash Memory (UFM)。 These features allow these devices to be used in low cost, high volume consumer and sys-tem applications. The MachXO3L/LF devices are designed on a 65nm non-volatile low power process. The device architecture has several features such as programmable low swing differential I/Os and the ability to turn off I/O banks, on-chip PLLs and oscillators dynamically.

These features help manage static and dynamic power consumption resulting in low static power for all members of the family. The MachXO3L/LF devices are available in two versions C and E with two speed grades: -5 and -6, with -6 being the fastest. C devices have an internal linear voltage regulator which supports external VCC supply voltages of 3.3 V or 2.5 V. E devices only accept 1.2 V as the external VCC supply voltage. With the exception of power supply voltage both C and E are functionally compatible with each other. The MachXO3L/LF PLDs are available in a broad range of advanced halogen-free packages ranging from the space saving 2.5 x 2.5 mm WLCSP to the 19 x 19 mm caBGA. MachXO3L/LF devices support density migration within the same package. Table 1-1 shows the LUT densities, package and I/O options, along with other key parameters. The MachXO3L/LF devices offer enhanced I/O features such as drive strength control, slew rate control, PCI com-patibility, bus-keeper latches, pull-up resistors, pull-down resistors, open drain outputs and hot socketing. Pull-up, pull-down and bus-keeper features are controllable on a “per-pin” basis. A user-programmable internal oscillator is included in MachXO3L/LF devices. The clock output from this oscillator may be divided by the timer/counter for use as clock input in functions such as LED control, key-board scanner and similar state machines. The MachXO3L/LF devices also provide flexible, reliable and secure configuration from on-chip NVCM/Flash. These devices can also configure themselves from external SPI Flash or be configured by an external master through the JTAG test access port or through the I2C port. Additionally, MachXO3L/LF devices support dual-boot capability (using external Flash memory) and remote field upgrade (TransFR) capability. Lattice provides a variety of design tools that allow complex designs to be efficiently implemented using the MachXO3L/LF family of devices. Popular logic synthesis tools provide synthesis library support for MachXO3L/LF. Lattice design tools use the synthesis tool output along with the user-specified preferences and constraints to place and route the design in the MachXO3L/LF device. These tools extract the timing from the routing and back-anno-tate it into the design for timing verification. Lattice provides many pre-engineered IP (Intellectual Property) LatticeCORE™ modules, including a number of reference designs licensed free of charge, optimized for the MachXO3L/LF PLD family. By using these configurable soft core IP cores as standardized blocks, users are free to concentrate on the unique aspects of their design, increasing their productivity.



pk10开户注册• Smallest footprint, lowest power, high data throughput bridging solutions for mobile applications

pk10开户注册• Optimized footprint, logic density, IO count, IO performance devices for IO management and logic applications

•High IO/logic, lowest cost/IO, high IO devices for IO expansion applications

 Flexible Architecture

pk10开户注册• Logic Density ranging from 640 to 9.4K LUT4

pk10开户注册•High IO to LUT ratio with up to 384 IO pins

 Advanced Packaging

• 0.4 mm pitch: 1K to 4K densities in very small footprint WLCSP (2.5 mm x 2.5 mm to  3.8 mm x 3.8 mm) with 28 to 63 IOs

• 0.5 mm pitch: 640 to 9.4K LUT densities in  6 mm x 6 mm to 10 mm x 10 mm BGA packages with up to 281 IOs

pk10开户注册•0.8 mm pitch: 1K to 9.4K densities with up to 384 IOs in BGA packages

Pre-Engineered Source Synchronous I/O

• DDR registers in I/O cells

pk10开户注册• Dedicated gearing logic

• 7:1 Gearing for Display I/Os

•Generic DDR, DDRx2, DDRx4

High Performance, Flexible I/O Buffer

• Programmable sysIOTM buffer supports wide range of interfaces:

pk10开户注册— LVCMOS 3.3/2.5/1.8/1.5/1.2



pk10开户注册— MIPI D-PHY Emulated

pk10开户注册— Schmitt trigger inputs, up to 0.5 V hysteresis

•Programmable pull-up or pull-down mode

• Ideal for IO bridging applications

• I/Os support hot socketing

• On-chip differential termination

Flexible On-Chip Clocking

• Eight primary clocks

pk10开户注册• Up to two edge clocks for high-speed I/O inter-faces (top and bottom sides only)

• Up to two analog PLLs per device with frac-tional-n frequency synthesis

— Wide input frequency range (7 MHz to 400 MHz)

 Non-volatile, Multi-time Programmable

• Instant-on

pk10开户注册— Powers up in microseconds

pk10开户注册• Optional dual boot with external SPI memory

pk10开户注册• Single-chip, secure solution

pk10开户注册• Programmable through JTAG, SPI or I2C

• MachXO3L includes multi-time programmable NVCM

pk10开户注册• MachXO3LF infinitely reconfigurable Flash

pk10开户注册— Supports background programming of non-volatile memory

TransFR Reconfiguration

•In-field logic update while IO holds the system state

Enhanced System Level Support

• On-chip hardened functions: SPI, I2C, timer/ counter

• On-chip oscillator with 5.5% accuracy

• Unique TraceID for system tracking

• Single power supply with extended operating range

pk10开户注册• IEEE Standard 1149.1 boundary scan

pk10开户注册•IEEE 1532 compliant in-system programming


pk10开户注册• Consumer Electronics

• Compute and Storage

• Wireless Communications

pk10开户注册• Industrial Control Systems

•Automotive System

Low Cost Migration Path

pk10开户注册• Migration from the Flash based MachXO3LF to the NVCM based MachXO3L

• Pin compatible and equivalent timing